If you, or someone you know, wears a Dexcom CGM and are using Dexcom’s follow app for Android, the dExtender-CGM offers enhanced features not found in their proprietary code, and offers more features with no additional cost compared to other open source solutions.

The app was designed and written by parents of a type 1, who are thankful for Dexcom’s solution, but are tired (literally) for waiting for a robust solution from either Dexcom or the DYI/Open Source community.

The dExtender-CGM is offered for FREE.

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Options Galore

The dExtender-CGM offers more granular settings compared to Dexcom’s follow app. Some features include text to speech, smart limits, customizable backgrounds, cutomizable tones and smart limits as well as predictive BG numbers (still in Beta).


A widget allows you to quickly glance to see the value of the blood glucose level. A quick tap on the widget takes you to the app.


The chart allows you to see the high/low settings and blood glucose levels with a range of 3, 6, 12 and 24 hours. The chart also allows for moving averages, sustained highs, and will display a calculated A1C average (optional).